Scala Up North 2016

Montreal, Quebec - August 5th & 6th

Video Recordings


Kevin Webber Scala: State of the Union
Samuel GĂ©lineau It depends
Julien Letrouit Continuous Delivery for Microservices with SBT and Docker
Hisham Mardam-Bey mypipe: Buffering and consuming MySQL changes via Kafka
Bill Venners Hidden Gems in ScalaTest and Scalactic 3.0
Anil Gursel Service Stampede: Surviving a Thousand Services
Michael Cohen The Real Scala Engineers of Planet Earth
Rob Norris Fun and Games with Fix Cofree and Doobie
Greg Pfeil Fix-ing Your Types with Matryoshka


Daniel Spiewak Roll Your Own Shapeless
David van Geest Building a Distributed Task Scheduler With Akka Kafka and Cassandra
Adil Akhter Functional Stream Processing with Scala
Owein Reese TwoTails for the Price of One: A Scala Compiler Plugin
Michael Nash Perfect Scalability
Long Tran Continuous Applications with Spark
Alexandre Archambault Easy dependency management with coursier
David Russell A Literally-Hands-On Introduction to Distributed Systems with Akka Cluster
Jim Riecken Reducing Microservice Complexity with Kafka and Reactive Streams






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