Scala Up North is the first and only Scala conference organized in Canada. Two days of awesome technical presentations about Scala and its vibrant ecosystem. Come connect with other Scala developers and the companies building their mission-critical applications in Scala. It is like maple syrup for your cake.

Take a look at our videos from 2015 and 2016 for a sample of the event.

Community-oriented, developer-centric

Registered attendees vote to select the presentations they want to see in the program.

Not-for-profit conference

Our financial goal is to break even, every dollar we make will go into improving the conference.

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speaker



08:00Doors open, registration and breakfast
09:00 Keynote: The Next Generation of Reactive Architectures
Jamie Allen
10:00 Akka Clustering on Kubernetes
Luke Kysow
11:00 Why Scala is Great for Agile
Rodrigo Setti
11:30 Sorry - How Bieber broke Google Cloud at Spotify
Neville Li
01:00 Mined Minds: teaching Functional Programming to total beginners (Tentative title)
Amanda Laucher
Workshop - Effective Scala
Bill Venners
02:25 A Practical Introduction to Akka Streams
Jacek Kunicki
03:25 ScalaQuest: the Scala adventure
Alejandro Lujan
04:20 Practical Scalaz
Gregg Hernandez
05:15 Zero-Dependency Integration Testing using Traits
Matthew Smedberg
05:35Closing announcements


08:00Doors open, breakfast
09:00 Keynote: Managing Consistency, State and Identity in Distributed Microservices
Duncan DeVore
10:00 A Field Guide to Practical Algebra using Cats
Emily Pillmore
Workshop - Writing Programs That Write Tests: Better Testing With ScalaCheck
Adam Rosien
10:35 Reactive Programming in the Browser with Scala.js and Rx
Luka Jacobowitz
11:30 Akka Microservices Architecture And Design
Yaroslav Tkachenko
01:30 Hope Faith and Proof in Programming
Bill Venners
Workshop - Let's Code: Simple Async Group Chat with Akka Http, Scala and Kafka
James Townley
02:30 Fixing slow Play apps
Laurence Man
03:30 Domain Algebras For A Busy Busy World
Adam Rosien
04:25 Spark - Where the Magic Breaks
Holden Karau
05:10Closing announcements


Map Marker

Simon Fraser University

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

580 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC


If Vancouver is not your home, we recommend you stay at The Metropolitan Hotel, only a short walk away.

Book your reservation now to receive a discount.

ScalaBridge workshop

Working with industry-leading partners, Scala Up North is proud to announce a commitment to increase gender parity at technical conferences. The Scala Bridge workshop curriculum and program was created to build an inclusive Scala community through introductory workshops for female developers to learn a new programming language.

The workshop will take place on July 20 at the Hootsuite headquarters, from 9:30am to 5pm. Registration is free, and lunch will be provided.

All you need is your laptop and an itch to learn Scala!

These are some of the topics that will be covered during the workshop:

If you want to attend, please register here.

The Scala Bridge workshop at Scala Up North is made possible through the contributions of the following partners:

Training Courses

Participate in training with industry leaders certified in the Lightbend courses below. Go beyond education - students code through a training case study and discover how to effectively apply their learning in their work environment. Trainings are two days long and will take place on the same conference venue on July 19 and 20.

See here for more details, including course outlines and prerequisites.

To reserve your seat, purchase your ticket here.

Fast Track to Scala

Object-oriented meets functional — elegant class hierarchies, seamless Java interoperability, maximum code reuse and extensibility, built to solve difficult concurrency challenges. Take your first steps in Scala with the best trainers!

Advanced Scala

The power of Scala’s type system, unleashed - advanced object functional programming, implicits, and more. Leverage rich language features to create well-designed libraries or DSL’s, utilizing proven best practices.

Fast Track to Akka with Scala

Scalable reactive application, for the win! Experienced application developers learn the reactive Akka toolkit and runtime, along with methodologies to create real-world, actor-based systems in Scala on a single JVM.

Advanced Akka with Scala

The pinnacle of scalable, reactive applications! Experienced application developers learn to build distributed reactive applications using Akka and Scala, scaling out multiple nodes, remoting and clustering.

Apache Spark: Introductory Workshop

This two-day workshop is designed to teach developers how to implement data analytics using Apache Spark for Reactive applications. In this workshop, developers will use hands-on exercises to learn the principles of Spark programming and idioms for specific problems, such as event stream processing, SQL-based analysis on structured data in files, integration with Reactive frameworks like Akka, as well as Hadoop and related tools, and advanced analytics such as machine learning and graph algorithms.


Early Bird

Until March 15

CAD 225
(approx. USD 175)


Until June 9th

CAD 275
(approx. USD 210)


Tickets are transferable, but non-refundable.

Diversity Scholarships

Passion can come from every background and perspective. The Scala Up North Diversity Scholarship, sponsored by Starbucks was created to provide opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups to attend the conference. Factors affecting under-representation can include culture, social or economic background, race and ethnicity, gender identity, sex orientation, disability, religion, geography, and life experience.

In order to qualify for one of five scholarships, all we ask is that you show us your passion. Describe what challenges you have overcome to follow your ambitions to code, and how diversity benefits the software development community.

Applications will close on June 21, 2017.

Code of Conduct

We are adopting the same Code of Conduct of other community-oriented conferences like NE Scala and PNW Scala:

Nobody likes a jerk, so show respect for those around you.

Scala Up North is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.

All communication should be appropriate for a technical audience including people of many different backgrounds. Sexual language, innuendo, and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks.

Participants violating these rules may be asked to leave without a refund at the sole discretion of the organizers.








Scala Up North provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach a technical audience seeking opportunities for innovation and professional development.

If your organization is looking to build a strong Scala team, this conference is a great opportunity to connect with potential hires.

Focusing on a young community, ticket prices will be kept low, so sponsor support is fundamental for our success.

Finally, encouraging collaboration will ultimately strengthen the community and increase the adoption of the Scala ecosystem in Canada.

If you are interested in sponsorhip, please contact us at

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Twitter @ScalaUpNorth

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